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Petro- and chemical applications

  13AN007     Analysis of PAH in plastic pellets via GC/MS      
  13AN009     GC/MS analysis of blowing agents in PUF      
  13AN011     Quantitative pyrolysis of biomass      
  13AN014     Quantitative analysis of trace contaminants in acetone      
  13AN016     Automatic analysis of SiH by GC after base-driven transformation to H2     View  
  13AN017     The application of HT-GC for the identification of residual glycose and fatty alcohols      
  12AN001     Analysis of Argon in natural gas with GC/MS and a narrow bore MolSieve capillary column      
  11AN001     Quantitative analysis of traces of FAMEs in aviation jet fuel      
  11AN002     Liner inertness and its effect on the analysis of isobutylene process samples      
  11AN012     Analysis of diesel by comprehensive 2D GC time-of-flight MS      
  11AN017     Development and validation of a Low-Ox GC/MS analyzer     View  
  11AN018     Rapeseed oil methyl ester pyrolysis: On-line product analysis using comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatography     View  
  10AN004     Efficient alkane fractionation in synthetic oils using GC/MS in CI mode      
  10AN005     Fast dual channel isothermal analysis of volatiles and moisture in reactor off-gas      
  10AN007     Fast isothermal analysis of BTEX using a short wide bore capillary column      
  10AN008     Fast solvent characterization using hydrogen as carrier gas      
  10AN012     Quantitative analysis of VOC in fuel oil      
  10AN017     Trace analysis of additives in fuel oil      
  10AN019     On-line analysis of complex hydrocarbon mixtures using comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatography     View  
  09AN001     Analysis of diesel by comprehensive 2D GC-TOF/MS      
  09AN006     Analysis of kerosine by comprehensive 2D GC-TOF/MS      
  09AN007     Analysis of naphtha by comprehensive 2D GC-TOF/MS      
  09AN014     Analysis of traces of toluene in rubber using microchamber thermal extraction (µ-CTE)      
  09AN015     Direct thermal extraction of additives in plastics      
  09AN016     Thermodesorption in combination with recollection for fast screening of organic vapor emissions      
  09AN035     Trace analysis of catalyst contaminants using heart-cut GC/SIFT-MS      
  08AN008     On-line determination of volatile sulfur components in carbon dioxide gas-streams      
  08AN009     Analysis of sulfur contaminants in process gases      


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