Method development and training all at once


On-site expert trainingStandard training programs are too general in scope to address the complex issues for a particular analytical challenge. Our on-site expert training courses provide a solution for this. These programs differ both in terms of the overall structure and the details. Instead of sitting in a classroom, we bring the training to you and focus on the analytical problem that's particularly disturbing your operation. Increasing the skill set of the participants and learning how to solve a problem are the primary objectives. Our experts draw on their expertise in analytical method development and go about applying that expertise pragmatically. Analytical or organizational problems are translated into practice. A detailed plan for approaching a problem is at the core of every on-site expert training session. This project-oriented approach is carried out in consult with the laboratory supervisor, with whose help we determine the course structure, the responsibilities, the ultimate goal and the deadline of the course. Once all the plans and goals are clear, a training program focused on practical experience is then held for a matter of days. Our experts will counsel the analysts, for instance, in the proper application of an analytical technique. The complete analytical method is developed in concert with you, and is applied directly to your standards and samples. Qualitative characteristics are defined and then immediately tested against your laboratory requirements in pursuit of a successful solution that can be readily implemented.





Expert programs:

- Deconvolution of MS spectra
- Validation of Selected-ion flow tube MS methods
- Multiple headspace injection
- Chemical ionization in GC/MS
- Practice of comprehensive 2D GC
- Pyrolysis GC and GC/MS
- Alternative carrier gases to Helium
- In-tube extraction (ITEX)
- Microextraction by packed sorbent (MEPS)