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Basic chromatography trainingAll our training programs are tailored to suit the needs of each participant individually. The starting point is a competence check in which we accurately determine the level of the applicant. Based on the result of this test, a program is prepared. This approach, which is unique to IS-X and was developed in collaboration with a learning expert, allows us to compile an efficient and to-the-point training program that considers each team member individually and quantifies the progress that he/she makes throughout the program. We have defined three entry stages to address differences in competence level most suitably. The starter level (level I) is particularly useful for new team members with a rather limited knowledge in chromatography and/or mass spectrometry. In this course, we focus on theory and basic principles of chromatography in general. In several sessions both theory and hands-on experiments are combined. The return-on-investment is immediate. A similar strategy is applied in level II but here we focus on troubleshooting and instrument maintenance. The expert level is more particular, it focuses on method development and validation and is carried out in your laboratory.







Basic chromatography programs:

- Capillary GC, theory and basic principles
- GC in daily practice
- Gas analysis
- Static headspace analysis
- PTV injection
- Large volume injection
- Thermal desorption
- MS for chromatographers
- Interpretation of mass spectra


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