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Laboratory resources are extremely valuable. In order maintain its competitiveness, a laboratory has to be innovative, efficient and profitable at the same time and that's really tough. At IS-X, we strongly believe in profitable laboratory services, but we are fully aware of the challenges you face. We are here to challenge the status quo so that your are able to face the future confident and with character. Our mission is to reduce the ambiguity and risks commonly associated with laboratory innovations. No question is too hard for our experts, so please do challenge them.




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Environmental applications


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Clinical applications


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Petrochemical applications


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Food applications


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Pharmaceutical applications


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Flavour and fragrances applications


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SampleQ sample preparation and automationInterscience. Your local GC, MS and GC/MS specialist.Flavour+. Analytical services for food and flavor analysis.Flamac. Your partner for high-throughput experiments.Syft. Manufacturer of dedicated SIFT-MS instruments.GAS. Manufacturer of dedicated GC-based analyzers.

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