Data Mining

Data Mining


Data mining The overall goal of data mining is to extract information from a large data set and transform it into an understandable structure for further use. It is an interdisciplinary field, merging ideas from statistics, machine learning, databases and distributed computing. Data mining or knowledge discovery is a well-established technique in various fields such as biology, drug discovery, metabolomics, social sciences etc. Its application, however, remains rather limited. This is primarily due to the complexity of the data mining process itself. Choosing the correct model requires an expert, who is capable of translating lab requirements without prior assumptions and interpreting the outcome. The first and foremost challenge is the acquisition of reliable data, albeit from experimental and computational sources or existing large data sets. Unlike traditional statistical methods that assume a parametric model for both classification and prediction, data mining is a typical black box kind of approach that makes it ideal to identify hidden trends or patterns in data, anomaly/outlier detection, dimension reduction and predictive modeling. Aside from the raw analysis step, our services also involve database and data management aspects, data pre-processing, model and inference considerations, post-processing of discovered structures, visualization, and online updating.




Data mining services:
- Automated pre-processing and filtering
- Routine statistics
- Principal component analysis (PCA)
- Multiple linear regression (MLR)
- Cluster analysis
- Artificial neural networks


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