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IS-X Custom AnalysesOur laboratories in Belgium and The Netherlands are equipped with the most modern instruments used for analysis. As a result of intense client contacts, our team has gathered a broad understanding and expertise with which we are able to address all kinds of analytical challenges. This often goes hand in hand with the analysis of samples and extracts, whether or not in combination with a specific sample preparation procedure. Depending on the complexity of the analytical problem at hand, we start with a kick-off meeting at your laboratory. During this meeting, the problem is sketched out in detail, and a plan of approach is proposed. Once this plan has been approved, the analyses can be scheduled and carried out. We are highly committed to speed, quality and flexibility. Our specialized approach allows us to develop the most robust analysis method for each sample. We always give priority to acute problems so that you do not have to worry about production being jeopardized. After the analyses have been carried out, you receive a detailed report for each sample. In addition to a list of all relevant observations and a summary of the results, this report also contains a description of the conditions under which the analysis was carried out. This will allow you to perform the analyses yourself in the future, or if you prefer, by means of an “On-site Expert Training”. Even though it is not our primary focus, we are nevertheless capable of processing larger sample volumes. In the case of instrument failure, for example, we can guarantee continuity of throughput so as to avert a production backlog.



Available instrumentation:

- Comprehensive 2D GC/TOFMS
- GC/MS systems equipped with backflush and heart cut
- Chemical ionisation MS and MS/MS
- Pyrolysis GC/MS
- Various injection techniques: in-tube extraction (ITEX), solid phase microextraction (SPME), microextraction by packed sorbent (MEPS)


For Belgium, Luxemburg and France:
Av. J. E. Lenoir 2, 1348 Louvain-la-Neuve
Tel: +32(0)10/45.00.25 - Fax: +32(0)10/45.30.80

For The Netherlands:
Tinstraat 16, 4823 AA Breda
Tel: +31(0)765/411.800 - Fax: +31(0)842/206.757


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