Quality Awareness Training

Quality Awareness training


Quality awareness trainingImproving the quality of processes, products and services largely depends on an adequate quality management system. This is why companies are increasingly adopting an ISO 9001 quality management system. The more stringent ISO 17025 standard applies to companies that use equipment for monitoring product quality, or to laboratories that issue analysis certificates to third parties. ISO 17025 consists of two main parts. The management part provides a detailed description of the quality management system after implementation. There are many parallels here with the requirements as defined in ISO 9001. The technical component is substantially more demanding. It focuses on the competence of personnel, the equipment level of the laboratory and the quality of the methodology that is applied. Quality control at the sample level, validations and revalidations, and constant internal and external inspections all make setting up and maintaining an ISO 17025 quality management system quite an ordeal. In order to address these issues we have developed a comprehensive ISO 17025 training and consulting package. In the virgin phase, our main focus is on workfloor acceptance, because in our modest opinion that's the main reason why ISO 17025 projects fail over and over again. Our strategy is as simple as it is effective: by applying clear visual communication boards, we are able to get the entire laboratory involved and motivated in what is one of the most challenging tasks to complete in a laboratory without severe collateral damage.



- Introduction
- Challenges
- Management requirements
- Technical requirements
- Writing a quality manual
- Keeping the team on track


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