Lean Thinking for Labs

Lean Thinking for Labs


Lean thinking for labs Driven by competitive globalization, lean and six-sigma thinking are finding their ways in laboratories worldwide. Both lean and six-sigma are management techniques that revolutionized manufacturing in the car (Toyota) and electronics (Motorola) industry. Lean six-sigma combines the best of both worlds. It is a defined methodology with a focus on the elimination of waste on the one hand and zero variability in process output on the other.
Another way to think about ‘Lean Six-Sigma’ is that it is essentially about using equipment, people and materials more efficiently.
In Lean Lab, overall process efficiency is substantially enhanced by focusing on analytical methods and instrumentation. They are key in improving sample throughput rather than workplace design and complex superimposed LIMS systems. In practice, this implies a clear focus on leveling sample input, implementing automated solutions where necessary, for example at procedural sharepoints, and reducing equipment downtime.






Lean lab services:
- Lean audit
- Value stream mapping
- Process flow optimization
- Method re-development and validation


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