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TSQ LabTriple quadrupole GC/MS has become commonplace in many laboratories. From robust routine applications in food and environmental laboratories to particular projects in pharmaceutical research and development, they all rely on the strength and versatility of triple quadrupole GC/MS to process huge amounts of samples day after day or provide detailed insights in complex chemical processes. Modern TSQ instruments combine state-of-the-art source technology with fast electronics and multiple data acquisition modes. Nowadays, triple quadrupole GC/MS is so much more than a target analytical technique. Recent instruments are able to acquire data both in full scan and selected reaction monitoring (SRM) mode in a single run. It needs no explanation that this approach opens entirely new doors to laboratories that missed the screening and library matching capabilities typical to full scan analysis, irrespective of its lower sensitivity. In order to illustrate the possibilities of the latest generation triple quadrupole MS instrument, IS-X has equipped its laboratories not only with the Thermo TSQ 8000 instrument, which is in fact the workhorse of the family, but also with a Thermo TSQ Quantum XLS Ultra. With its long hyperbolic quads operating in ultra-SRM mode (0.2 Da), the Ultra is a true competitor for magnetic sector instruments without all the difficulties usually associated with these instruments.


Core facilities:
- Thermo Trace 1300 GC with i-connect injectors
- Thermo TSQ 8000 triple quadrupole MS
- Thermo Quantum XLS Ultra High Resolution triple quadrupole MS



Recent projects:
- Analysis of phenols in water after derivatization and in-vial extraction
- Analysis of geosmin and 2-MIB by means of SPME-GC/MSMS
- Development and validation of a generic GC/MSMS multi-method for environmental pollutants


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