Field Analysis

Collect data, not samples


ISX field labThe majority of the analytical procedures applied today involve the collection of a representative field sample, sealing and sending the sample to a contract laboratory and then waiting while it makes its way through the regular laboratory queue. Although most contract laboratories offer urgency procedures with fast turnaround times, these procedures are substantially more expensive and generally not faster than 4 h at best. As such, they are highly ineffective whenever results need to be known virtually immediately. In case of an environmental contamination, for example, decisions that impact the health and well-being of people need to be made fast and really at the place of contamination. Same applies for food safety monitoring, where samples are preferably analyzed without removing them from the fast moving supply chain in which they reside. Last but not least, forensic analysis, too, benefits from in-time analysis, for example, to look for fire accelerants in the case of an arson investigation really just immediately after the fire has been put out or to identify the chemicals applied in clandestine drug labs during the police invasion. In order to address to growing need of laboratories to address analytical questions on-the-spot, we have installed a fully operational chromatography laboratory in a van. The van and an expert operator can be applied for on-the-field projects, process monitoring, OSHA studies, etc...


Core facilities:
- Mobile laboratory
- Syft Voice200 instrument
- Torion Technologies TRIDION 9 GC-MS
- Torion Technologies CUSTODION SPME and NT sampling device



Recent projects:
- On-site ultrafast analysis of food decay markers
- On-site monitoring of PCCC emissions
- On-site arson analysis using a field portable GC/MS


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