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The goal of our Refocus series is to provide that creative spark that ignites serendipitous thoughts, ideas and insights.



Refocus 1 - March 2015

Metabolomics is often described as the study of “the complete set of low molecular weight intermediates, which are context dependent, varying according to the physiology, developmental or pathological state of the cell, tissue, organ or organism”. In fact, metabolomics is a new term for an old science in which classical biochemical concepts are investigated. New and unique to the current research that is being conducted is the combination with genomics information and full system biology. In this Refocus we will discuss the challenges of today's metabolomics research and how to address them.


Refocus 4 - December 2014

Collagen and bone fat are important resources in the food industry. It is essential that these primary products are odor- and taste free. Extensive de-odorization processes are used during bone fat & collagen processing to eliminate any off-flavors that might be present. Regular sensory evaluation performed by specially trained panels in combination with GC-MS analysis ensures product quality is not compromised.

Recent analysis of de-odorized bone fat at NIZO indicated that low boiling point aldehydes, such as pentanal, hexanal and heptanal, are present that were not detected by the GC-MS method currently in use. In this study, it is evaluated to which extent SPME in combination with the newest generation GC/MS is able to provide sufficient sensitivity to identify potential malodors in the headspace of de-odorized bone fat and hydrolyzed collagen.


Refocus 3 - September 2014

As the ancient Greeks already knew: “Everything returns”. Now that heart-cutting and GCxGC seem to have lost their commercial momentum, it seems that soft ionization is the next big thing for GC/MS users. There is a lot of truth in this statement, soft ionization really is a great technique, particularly as a complement to 70 eV electron impact (EI), but it is definitely not a new kid on the block.

Chemical ionization (CI) has been applied for decades, but I have to admit, it requires some expert knowledge to set-up a proper GC/(CI)MS method. Why are people that much interested in soft ionization, you might ask? Well, generally, there are two reasons.


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