Food applications

  13AN008   Evaluation of various sample introduction techniques for quality control of recycled PET   View
  13AN010     The use of SPME for the analysis of boar taint markers  
  13AN015     Shelf life of coffee using in-bag sampling and SIFT-MS  
  13AN018   Effects of MITC released from Boscia Senegalensis as biopesticide in Senegalese seeds with special attention to cowpea   View
  11AN006     Quantitative analysis of trichloroanisoles with fully integrated automatic sample preperation  
  11AN010     Trace analysis of benzene in carbonated soft drinks  
  11AN013     Quantitative analysis of FAMEs in algae extracts using GC/MS  
  11AN014     On-line monitoring of fermentation using SIFT-MS  
  11AN016     Measuring equilibrium kinetics using SIFT-MS  
  10AN006     On-line determination of volatile sulfur components in carbon dioxide gas-streams  
  10AN013     Analysis of sulfur contaminants in process gases  
  10AN014     Flavouromics. State-of-the-art perfume evaporation monitoring  
  09AN005     Fast analysis of nitrosamines by GC/MS in SIM mode  
  09AN017     Quantitative analysis of free fatty acids in cheese using microextraction by packed sorbent (MEPS)  
  09AN018     Robustness of fast GC/MSMS over a three day continuous sequence of 50 pesticides in food sample extracts  
  09AN020     Quantitative analysis of PCB in fish extracts by GC/MSMS  
  09AN022     Quantitative analysis of pyrimehtanil in strawberries using GC iontrap in MS² mode  
  09AN026     Determination of steriods in meat extracts using GC iontrap in MS² mode  
  09AN029     Chloroanisoles in beer with HS-SPME-GC/MS with negative chemical ionization  
  09AN032     Monitoring volatile malt aldehydes using microchamber thermal extraction and SIFT-MS  
  08AN007     Determination of N-nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA) in malt  


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