Laboratory resources are extremely valuable in today's post crisis era. The cry to rationalize, downsize and deplete key competences has never been that strong. A 21st century laboratory has to be innovative, efficient and profitable all at the same time and that's really tough. At IS-X, we strongly believe in profitable laboratory services, but we are fully aware of all the challenges you face. That's why we challenge the status quo so that your are able to face the future confident and with character. Our mission is to reduce the pressure on your daily practice, while safeguarding your innovation strategy. No question is too hard for our experts, so please do challenge them asap.



Photo IS-X Labs100% Risk-free evaluation of new technology

Are you still up-to-date with the current state-of-the-art in sample preparation and chromatography? In today's age of information abundance, people tend to become more indifferent to all what's new. That's a dangerous situation, because be sure that inside the daily avalanches of information, several crude diamonds are hidden, it's up to you to find them and assess their true value. How do you cope with that, bearing in mind that most innovations occur when ideas from different industries mix? Don't worry, the IS-X team is here to help you. Our experts attend several symposia per year, most of them outside of your scope, they absorb the information, digest it and translate it into real solutions that are relevant to you and your business. In need of some advice or desperately struggling to pick up new trends? Partner up with our experts and take your innovation potential to a much higher level. Read more...



chromatography trainingDo you know your chrompetence level?

Frequent organizational changes, people mutating and new forces joining the laboratory. It's far from straightforward to secure the knowledge that's available in your laboratory let alone get an accurate understanding of your team's competence level and FLP (future learning potential). In order to accommodate these questions, our experts have compiled a series of short competence checks which can be applied to measure the level as well as the personal ambition of each member of your team. Based on the result of such a test, we are able to compile a dedicated training program that truly nourishes the learning ability of each member individually. Whether you're a novice, an experienced user or a chromatography expert? We develop and manage your competences with great care and respect, either in our academy or directly in your lab. Want to know your chromatography competence? Read more...



Photo qualityTotal quality management, but only when it's lean

Quality management has a tremendous impact on the efficiency of your lab, but only when it's carried out properly. Improper translation of the requirements imposed by a quality management system gives rise to a lot of frustration and stress, which is mainly initiated by the complex nature and overwhelming administrative pressure associated with these systems. No wonder that for a lot of people, quality management is more of a burden than a blessing. In our vision, quality management needs to be considered in a much broader scope, taking into account lean management, process and method optimization. Only when applied in this way, the true benefits of quality management arise. Read more...





Laboratory services and outplacementChallenging samples this way, please!

What do you do when a customer asks a question that you can't seem to answer immediately? Because you don't have the time, the right instrument or the expertise? You schedule a meeting with one of our experts. That's what you do! IS-X offers full analytical advice and support so you are able to answer this type of questions yourself. Our laboratories in Belgium and The Netherlands are state-of-the-art facilities, equipped with all the latest in sample preparation, chromatography and mass spectrometry technology. You can use our facilities to conduct specialized research, evaluate new products or even process large sample batches in routine, when your laboratory throughput is insufficient or compromised, for example. Read more...







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